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Shower chair-deluxe type




1.Stainless steel frame structure

2.The seat Angle is adjustable(0-35°) ;

3.Seats can be adjusted to three gears without any tools;

4.Head height depth can be adjusted

5.Accord with human body engineering design of collapsible handrail

6.Pedal Angle is adjustable & collaspsible

7.The pedal Angle can be adjusted

8.Double brakes with three casters,one caster with direction locking function;

9.Smooth surface & detachable seat,easy to clean. 


Weight:21.5kg                                                   Height:1130 - 1360mm

      Seat height from ground:500/550/600mm    Seat inside width:500mm  

      Seat outside width:576mm                              Seat length:1373mm

      Pedal angle:0° - 35°                                          Bearing:150kg